January 25, 2011

MLK Work Week in Louisiana

Rebuilding Together CapacityCorps members from all over the country convened in Lafayette Louisiana for a week of rebuilding. Work was completed on 5 homes, including: total demolition, two wheelchair ramps, energy efficiency repairs, roof repair, and gutting/rehab of bathroom and kitchen.

Both Erin and Laura spent the week in Louisiana, connecting with AmeriCorps friends, learning new rehab techniques, and reflecting on the life of MLK.

Check out some of the local news coverage from The Advertiser

Laura's take:
It was an intense, inspiring, and challenging week... physically, mentally, and emotionally... and definitely one of my most satisfying rebuilds. Our homeowners were so sweet, and I learned a ton working on different parts of the house, flipping a bathroom, installing a floor.... The best part of the week was reconnecting with my AmeriCorps class and getting to spend time with these fantastic people who truly care about what they are doing, who are well spoken about their opinions, and who fight for their ideals every day.

Erin's take:
MLK work week helped me to remember how important it is to volunteer. It allowed me to step back and interact with homeowners that reminded me of the importance of community building. With being in construction for the last several years, I have been in so many homes where we couldn’t help due to lack of money and insurance only willing to cover barely anything. It was such a great experience to be able to go back to home owners like that and be able to help this time.

Getting things done for America!

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