April 14, 2012

lead prep event update

Making deliveries for today's event! Weather seems to be holding so we are still on track to start at 9.

April 13, 2012

Something good

Yes folks, pre-work for National Rebuilding Day (aka the April Rebuilding Event) starts this weekend! Joining forces with around 900 volunteers, we will work on over 30 homes in the next three weeks. It's exciting to participate, a delightful challenge to plan, and rewarding to see complete. We hope you'll all make it out to one of our sites to see the good works being done in your neighborhood!

April 12, 2012

Sweet songs for a good cause

Grace United Methodist in Naperville, a long-time community partner and extremely active April Rebuilding Event volunteer group, is hosting a chorale concert to benefit their Rebuilding Together Aurora project on April 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of the church.

The North Heights Lutheran Choral group from St. Paul, MN will perform a collection of classical hymns, gospel, and spiritual medleys with the Grace Church Chamber Singers.

For further information regarding the fundraiser or musicians, contact the Grace United Music Minister, Dan Wagner.

Find your way to the sanctuary after a good day on your April Rebuilding Event jobsite!  Tickets may be purchased at the door on online here.   Prices are:  $18 for adults / $13 for seniors (65+) / $7.50 for students

March 28, 2012

Mr and Mrs C

‎"What a great group of people!" quipped Mrs C after volunteers wrapped up replacing the roof on the garage of she and her husband's east side residence. "The work you do is so appreciated!" 

Mr and Mrs C are longtime local legends for their commitment to community service on the school board, commemorated by a park and elementary school named in their honor. After over 60 years in their home, Mr and Mrs C watched their two sons (now Army veterans living in Colorado) grow up in a city of change, degeneration, and regrowth. Despite this, their commitment to their community has never ceased, and they continue to share their enthusiasm for life with their neighors and church.

Join Rebuilding Together Aurora this April and support our longtime neighbors restore the homes and communinities they love.

March 12, 2012

QR Code

Hey Folks, check out our new QR code. You might see it crop up around town!

March 09, 2012

Seeking a new AmeriCorps member for August

Rebuilding Together Aurora is looking for the next CapacityCorps member to join our team!  Do you know a recent college grad or working professional that's looking to change career focus?  The CapacityCorps program, organized by Rebuilding Together, is a national service program designed to expand capacity of their affiliates through volunteer recruitment, client and community outreach, direct home repairs, and new project implementation.

Read the job listing for requirements: RTA Outreach Coordinator
Or find out how to apply here: CapacityCorps information

--- --- ---
The AmeriCorps Outreach Coordinator plays a vital role in the health and growth of Rebuilding Together Aurora (RTA). The member is responsible for the expansion of outreach efforts in the surrounding community, volunteer recruitment and coordination, program expansion, and client management during their 11-month full-time term of service. Part of the national Rebuilding Together CapacityCorps network, members participate in training and national events to bring communities and volunteers everywhere to improve the homes and lives of their low-income neighbors.
Members receive the AmeriCorps National*Direct living stipend bi-weekly, and the Education Award upon successful completion of their term of service.
Primary focus for this position include:
  • Client Outreach
  • >Volunteer Recruitment/Management
  • Special Initiatives

February 29, 2012

Spring-time Wish List

Around this time of year we get a lot of questions about items folks would like to donate. Most of the time people only think of us when they are changing out their appliances or kitchen cabinets (always appreciated), but may not know that we also gladly accept small things, like the items listed below:

Reams of white 8.5x11 paper
New painting supplies: paint brushes, rollers, buckets, tape, etc (but please no actual paint)
Gift cards in small amounts
Leather work gloves in all sizes
Gently used tools, especially power tools
Ladders, especially extension ladders
Solid shelving units for garage/warehouse
Exterior extension cords
HEPA vac filters
Green and/or black fabric table cloth for 8' rectangle table
Weekly volunteer to help with Quickbooks data entry
Duct tape
Swiffer Sweeper dry disposable cloths
New or gently used card tables
EZ up tent
Super Sticky Name Tags
Medium-large shredder

February 21, 2012

And they're off!

The numbers are in, and the groups are settled... We are pleased to announce that Rebuilding Together Aurora will be bringing together nearly 40 volunteer crews to provide 31 families with home repairs this April!

We can't help but feel like we're at the start of a horse race, with all the buzz and planning and eventual 'letting go of the reins' we experience when we hand the projects off to our volunteer crews. In the week leading up to the House Captain training, it's like we were loading up the stalls. Last Thursday, the buzzer rang, and our fearless (project) leaders went on their way! Of course there are hiccups, but it's exciting to see how the players adjust, determine strategies, and head for the finish line. April 28 and May 5 this year are the home stretch, and we expect to see a smooth finish for all. Fortunately we're splitting the spoils again at the Volunteer Appreciation Event (join us on May 5 for a cookout!).
Everyone's a winner when you're racing for good. (yes, we're that corny)

Keep checking in... we'll be posting photos and links for ways you can get involved-- but also take a peek at the new link above ("Available Volunteer Jobs") and sign up to help out this spring!