February 29, 2012

Spring-time Wish List

Around this time of year we get a lot of questions about items folks would like to donate. Most of the time people only think of us when they are changing out their appliances or kitchen cabinets (always appreciated), but may not know that we also gladly accept small things, like the items listed below:

Reams of white 8.5x11 paper
New painting supplies: paint brushes, rollers, buckets, tape, etc (but please no actual paint)
Gift cards in small amounts
Leather work gloves in all sizes
Gently used tools, especially power tools
Ladders, especially extension ladders
Solid shelving units for garage/warehouse
Exterior extension cords
HEPA vac filters
Green and/or black fabric table cloth for 8' rectangle table
Weekly volunteer to help with Quickbooks data entry
Duct tape
Swiffer Sweeper dry disposable cloths
New or gently used card tables
EZ up tent
Super Sticky Name Tags
Medium-large shredder


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