February 21, 2012

And they're off!

The numbers are in, and the groups are settled... We are pleased to announce that Rebuilding Together Aurora will be bringing together nearly 40 volunteer crews to provide 31 families with home repairs this April!

We can't help but feel like we're at the start of a horse race, with all the buzz and planning and eventual 'letting go of the reins' we experience when we hand the projects off to our volunteer crews. In the week leading up to the House Captain training, it's like we were loading up the stalls. Last Thursday, the buzzer rang, and our fearless (project) leaders went on their way! Of course there are hiccups, but it's exciting to see how the players adjust, determine strategies, and head for the finish line. April 28 and May 5 this year are the home stretch, and we expect to see a smooth finish for all. Fortunately we're splitting the spoils again at the Volunteer Appreciation Event (join us on May 5 for a cookout!).
Everyone's a winner when you're racing for good. (yes, we're that corny)

Keep checking in... we'll be posting photos and links for ways you can get involved-- but also take a peek at the new link above ("Available Volunteer Jobs") and sign up to help out this spring!


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