September 28, 2011

Lowes Sponsor Shout Out

The Lowe's Team still in good spirits at the end of the day

The Aurora and Oswego Lowe's stores teamed up to repaint the exterior of a (rather large) home last Saturday for a Vietnam veteran. The homeowner, cited for both unsightly paint and damage to his garage roof, is an active community member and spent much of the day sharing his story with volunteers. He was delighted by the quality of work the team provided and overwhelmed by the number of volunteers that came out to help.

The crew powered through the long day with exceptional spirit despite a lunchtime downpour of rain and hail. Instead of taking cover under scaffolding or lunching in warm cars, several volunteers simply moved underneath awnings and continued to paint, insisting that "the more we do now, the faster we'll be done!"

Denny Fulkrod, HR Manager at the Aurora Lowe's store and the project's House Captain reflected that "it was a great experience. We were all exhausted at the end of the day but with a real sense that we had given back to the community that helps keep our doors open everyday."

"I want to thank all the associates from the Aurora and Oswego stores that not only came out and helped paint, but I also want to thank those associates that stayed back at the stores to ensure our customers could be taken care of."

Lots of volunteers and one very fun machine

Installing new storm windows

Happy when the sun came out!

More photos can be seen here: 824 Benton album


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