April 06, 2011

Volunteer Shout Out

Doug Carlisle, Production Lead of Construction at ServPro of Lombard in Addison, was nominated by Mike Frankino of the Aurora Noon Kiwanis group for his outstanding energy, cool head in the face of unexpected challenges, and overall contribution to the project last Saturday. As Frankino wrote:

Clearly, Doug Carlisle was the guy for the day at Hinman Street. Although he was not a Kiwanian, I feel he made the most impact on the project. With his experience, he helped turn that scary-looking situation with the front stairs into a sensible project for he and a few helpers.

An additional nod must be given to two Kiwanians for their dedication to the projects: Hal Beebee and Dave Bohman.

"Through Hal's efforts for the day in working on the front porch, on top of the trailer full of tools he brought, he shined," writes Frankino.

"Dave spent a lot of time with me before the day of the project discussing what tools he could bring from his expansive collection. He then proceeded to load up his truck with tools, which he brought to the job site. Dave immediately identified the garage door as needing a lot of help. It was simply hanging there, off its track, upon our arrival that morning. This was an extra project not identified on our list of project to do. I almost took him off of it in order to be assured we would finish the list we had made, but changed my mind when I saw how passionate about making this right. This was a tremendous thing to add, and then complete, for the sake of these property owners."


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